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Let us help you receive, sort, cross dock, stage, or store product for delivery.

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Same Day & Next Day Delivery

We offer both same day and next day delivery. Same day delivery is completed on the day that packages are tendered to Ziing. Next Day is defined as the tendered date +1 business day.

Icon for Package Level Scanning

Package Level Scanning

Scan packages at each step of the journey, including receive scans, load scans, and delivery and exception scans.

Icon for Customized SLA’s

Customized SLA’s

Our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are customized for each of our clients, giving you peace of mind that we’ll meet your delivery performance requirements.

Icon for Contactless Delivery and Photo POD

Contactless Delivery and Photo POD

Ziing’s photo proof of delivery (POD) makes contactless delivery easy. Instead of a signature, a photo of the exact placement location and GPS coordinates is used to complete the delivery process and validate delivery requirements are met in real time.

Icon for Chain of Signature (COS)

Chain of Signature (COS)

Perfect for regulated goods and sensitive documents, we offer chain of signature procedures that require every handler of a package to sign over control right through to the end user.

Icon for Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Manage and monitor the temperature of shipments with refrigerated trucks and reefers equipped with Ziing IoT technology.

Icon for White Glove Assembly

White Glove Assembly

Ensure set up and installation of light furniture are done right, every time, with white glove assembly from Ziing.

Icon for Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

With our scheduled delivery options, you can select a specific delivery time for a specific address location.