At Ziing Final Mile, we are focused on providing an optimal experience for our clients, their customers, and our Service Partners.

Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our technology is constantly evolving, but creating a frictionless experience is always at the core of our technology investment efforts.

Technologies that Add Value

Dynamic Route Optimization

Our cluster algorithm develops routes to maximize delivery vehicle capacity and real time stop density while our sequencing algorithm develops optimized routes based on speed, shortest drive path and service windows.

Dynamic Staging

Our custom application provides warehouse staff with the ability to efficiently sort and stage product for load out by simply scanning any barcode.

Static Route Optimization

Our stop sequencing algorithm develops optimized routes for predetermined stops based on speed, shortest drive path and service windows.

Customized Delivery Dashboard

Our custom Client Portals provide real time reporting and analytics in a safe, secure, and reliable manner. Monitor delivery performance and get access to the information you need to manage your business.

EDI and API Integrations

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interface (API) provide for an integrated environment between Ziing and our clients or Service Partners.


Our technology supports barcode scanning in both iOS and Android environments and allows for API integrations that create a seamless order management experience by connecting your system with ours.

IoT Unit Tracking

Our Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology provides real time tracking of vehicles and temperature control monitoring during transit.

Real-time Tracking

View loaded shipments, completed deliveries and exception scans in real-time from your custom client portal and stay informed every step of the way.

Advanced Text & Email Notifications

Our technology enables advanced text and email notifications to end users along with customizable delivery instructions that ensure our Service Partners meet all necessary delivery requirements for safe and secure contactless and signature capture deliveries.

Business Intelligence

Get valuable insights into your business and provide your clients with insights into theirs with predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Client Portal

Every Ziing client and Service Partner is assigned a custom portal to manage, track and oversee shipments in real time. View delivery areas, loaded shipments, completed deliveries and exception scans all in one place.