Global ecommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate year-over-year and represents nearly 10% of retail sales worldwide. Consumers want fast, reliable, and free delivery which are all important factors of buying behavior.

At Ziing, we understand that delivering on these requirements depends on a highly efficient co-load distribution model that reduces the operating cost per shipment. Whether you have next day or same day distribution requirements, we will build the system integrations and induction point frequencies at our distribution centres to deliver the experience your customers want.

In addition, our delivery optimization process automatically cleans your customer address data and utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create on road efficiency and predict required capacity.



We at R and L Courier in Calgary has been associated with Ziing for 2.5 years. My association with the people at Ziing goes back much further – because they have been very easy to work with and talk to regarding any issues that may arise. We do numerous contracts with them.

R and L Courier

Ron Wozniak, Owner

Ziing Final Mile has proven to be an extremely reliable partner for us. Their professionalism, dedication to the customer and logistics acumen set them apart from competitors. 


Tim R.

I highly appreciate the team’s response time, professionalism and dedication.  Most important their fleet is well maintained and that reflects on the care provided to the commodities they are entrusted with

I would definitely recommend ZIING Final Mile for your transportation needs!

1652357 Alberta Ltd.

Business Owner

Although Southeastern Delivery has only been affiliated with Ziing for 6 months, we have found them to be very cooperative and a pleasure to work with. Delivery issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Ziing staff have been extremely helpful in our start up and communicate daily to resolve delivery issues. I would recommend Ziing to any delivery company.

S.E. News

Business Owner

With Ziing final mile we have developed a great partnership that led to success and customer satisfaction. Their professional and friendly approach towards their partners is motivating, they respond to questions almost immediately and solve problems effectively. Being their transport agent in Quebec for the past 3 years has been an honor, and we look for more to come.

92799147 Quebec Inc.

Business Owner

For the past few months we have mainly dealt with the Operations Manager, who is a very experienced manager and never panics under pressure. Rather, he finds a suitable solution so we can proceed to a satisfactory result. We consider him to be the best in this competitive industry.


With Ziing in control the drivers have improved. They come equipped with all the information and tie down equipment needed for a safe and secure load.

Bosco Boys

Business Owner

Over the last 2 years, All Inclusive Service’s relationship with Ziing Final Mile has been nothing but exceptional. They are a very organized, supportive and reliable company and an overall pleasure to work with. In an industry full of competition, Ziing stands above the rest with their experienced employees, technology and incredible communication.

All Inclusive

Business Owner

“Prairie winds logistics Ltd. has had a working relationship with Ziing Final Mile since 2018. The experience has been great and very beneficial for both parties, if there are any new opportunities, they think of present partners first. Never any issues getting invoices paid in a timely manner.

Prairie Winds Logistics

Business Owner

Ziing Final Mile is a company full of opportunities for partners and customers looking to evolve. We at Leo Green Int’l Enterprise Ltd are proud to be partners with Ziing Final Mile and we are determined to serve the best interest of Ziing ‘s customers.

Leo Green International

Business Owner