At Ziing Final Mile, we understand the end consumer’s demand for predictable and timely delivery fulfillment. We also understand the costs associated with meeting those requirements. That’s where our co-load distribution solutions can save you time and money.

By matching clients with a high coincidence in delivery patterns, we’re able to leverage co-load opportunities that garner economies of scale and allow for faster deployment and optimized transportation costs. We’d also like to think we’re helping the planet, even if in just a small way, by reducing the number of trucks on the road.

Our distribution launch points can support multiple delivery windows operating 7 days a week. We also offer multiple delivery cycles with firm cutoff times to allow for processing and scheduled launch times.

Software designed for Distribution

Our distribution software, CXT (Customer Experience Technology), is designed for high volume package processing in a co-load environment (multiple clients per truck) and enables scanning through each step of the handling process. This gives you access to information on overages, shortages and damaged shipments in real time, allowing for nimbleness and timely communication with your end customers.

Why choose co-load distribution from Ziing Final Mile?

  • Streamline tight-turn ordering, picking and delivery
  • Access cost-effective solutions for delivery windows outside of 9-5
  • Meet volume swings and changing capacity requirements
  • Capitalize on route and scheduling efficiencies to achieve competitive pricing
  • Enhance user experience and business intelligence with leading-edge technology

Whether you’re looking to improve customer experience or expand your brand’s reach, Ziing’s nationwide network of trained and reliable carriers will carefully deliver your goods on time and on budget.

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