With Ziing Final Mile’s Dedicated services, you get access to a dedicated fleet making deliveries as your own without having to worry about operational costs, maintenance or liability. Most importantly, you get a partner that has your best interests in mind, freeing your internal resources to focus on what’s most important—your core business.

We specialize in building custom solutions for businesses seeking a competitive advantage within their transportation requirements and customer experience. From oversight of driver recruitment and fleet management to custom branding of vehicles and apparel, we’ll help craft a solution that makes moving your products easy and efficient.

Let Ziing customize a solution for your business that saves time and money while improving the customer experience (CX).

Dedicated software

Our Dedicated software, DMS is designed for Dedicated Solutions where scheduled delivery locations and times are known. DMS provides our clients with the capability to track progress of routes and deliveries on an interactive map throughout completion of the day. With real time confirmation of delivery stop detail (pieces, time, and consignor) our clients are “in the know” each step of the way without having to make any phone calls. Your Customer Service Department will love it!

Why choose dedicated outsourcing from Ziing?

  • Eliminate intensive capital investments required to maintain or upgrade an aging fleet
  • Meet changing volume and vehicle capacity requirements
  • Optimize routes and scheduling for improved efficiency and greater productivity
  • Enhance user experience and business intelligence with leading-edge technology
  • Reduce your business’ carbon footprint
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